March 12, 2011 - Lasting Faithfulness

March 12, 2011 - Lasting Faithfulness
Rev. Heather Reilly

Deuteronomy 7:17-26

I’m often too hard on the Israelites. When I review their story, I often wonder how they constantly forget God’s faithfulness on their journey. God rescued them from slavery from Egypt in extraordinary ways. That faithfulness should have covered them for life. Likewise, how quickly I forget God’s faithfulness in my life; in the life of my family and friends’; in my church, in my community. I often fear the “nations” that are bigger than me. God is reminding Israel to remember the past. He wants Israel to remember his faithfulness before. It is still true in the present. It is true in the future. Don’t fear the larger nations. “The Lord your God who is present with you, is a GREAT and AWESOME God." Sometimes we can’t always look towards our own life to see God’s faithfulness. We have to reflect on God’s community faithfulness to see his faithfulness in our lives. Often through that reflection, others can reveal God’s faithfulness within our own lives that we have been refusing to see. God is always present despite the circumstances and despite our feelings. Our journey with God is full of great potential.

On a much smaller scale, the great “nation” I fear is towards bats. I know they have a great impact on mosquitoes and mice, but I have had too many experiences with bats INDOORS. On my most recent bat encounter, I realized that of the four terrifying times, I was never alone. God provided faithful people to take care of the bats while I scream and hover in fear. Bats would have made a great pestilence against the numerous nations Israel greatly feared!

God gives Israel some instructions to live in peace with themselves, one another and the world. God gives a command not to covet expensive treasures other people own. That kind of desire is destructive. God wants Israel to live in peace, not unnecessary desire. As God is faithful to us, he desires our faithfulness to him. As we experience his faithfulness, we are challenged to be faithful, by looking towards him, not the numerous nations we may face, and not those that have more toys or talents than us. As we partner on this Lenten journey, be reminded of God’s faithfulness and commit to remaining faithful to him. Our story with our GREAT and AWESOME God produces a GREAT and AWESOME story.

Father God, help me to see your faithfulness. May I be a reflection of your faithfulness to my family, friends and community. Amen.

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