March 7, 2011 - The Song of the Disciple

March 7, 2011 - The Song of the Disciple
Rev. James Abrams

Psalm 25

Welcome to the Journey. We're so glad you've come. The invitation to follow Jesus is a call to join others along the path of discipleship. Our companions for this Lenten Journey have come from a vast array of discipleship experiences. Some are seasoned disciples who have been following Jesus closely along The Way for decades. Others of us are novice hikers enthusiastically striving to keep pace, eager not to miss a single, significant event. It does not matter where you fall along the spectrum - if your heart seeks to draw close to the Lord Jesus than we are honored to draw near to Him with you.

Among the many who have helped mark the path that lies before us is the Psalmist. His gift of song to us serves as preparation for the voyage ahead. It provides a marching cadence as we set our feet after the footsteps of Christ. If we will sync our steps to the ancient rhythm of his song, we will never find ourselves lagging behind. Psalm 25 reminds us that this Lenten Journey is an adventure of discovery. It is expected that before the traveler reaches the end of this road we will have learned some things about God and some things about ourselves in relation to Him.

The LORD is good and upright. He instructs sinners in the way and leads the humble in what is right. All the paths of the LORD are steadfast love and faithfulness, for those who keep his covenant and instruction (Ps. 25:8-10). So what are we waiting for? Come along now, there's a lot of truth for all of us to learn, a lot of grace and mercy to experience, a lot of forgiveness to be granted and a lot of humility to be demonstrated. Come along now, and allow the LORD to make his ways known to us that we might know well His path and travel His way.

God of mercy and steadfast love,

We lift our souls to you. We focus our gaze upon you and wait for you to move. Equip us with everything we need to follow you along this Lenten Journey. Keep our feet from going astray and our hearts free from the distress of sin. We yield our attention to you and commitment to learning from you the way of humility and truth we pray - Amen.